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Tuv Aziin Zam LLC was established in 2012 to operate in construction of hard-surfaced roads and manufacturing of concrete batching. Further the activities were expanded and Company received a license on railway transportation safety activities from Ministry of Roads and Transportation of Mongolia on 6th May 2014. Currently, the Company is organizing transportation for its own raw materials and other materials manufactured in the level of Teso Corporation but it is planning to work with other companies in 2015. Since getting the transportation forwarding license, the company transportation of imports from Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, China, Singapore and Thailand by the sea and railway. In order to increase the number of agencies we work in cooperation, we offer the flexible, optimal transportation solution to anyone and organize air, sea, road and railway transportations from Mongolia to all countries and from all countries to Mongolia. In 2013, the Company received a license on international freight forwarding services including rail transport, sea transportation, auto transportation and air transport services. We also carry out professional, high quality import, export and export customs clearance services. Tuv Aziin Zam LLC has joined FIATA in 2015 and works with major international freight forwarding companies.

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