Food Production



In framework of milk production project implemented by Teso Corporation since 2009, the Milko LLC has been established in production and trade of milk and milk products. The activity of Milko LLC had been started in March 2010 by production of “Milko” milk enriched with 4% cream under the slogan “Renewing the Tradition”. Later Zov Aartsnii Undaa /Sour Milk Drink/ is produced. The powdered milk factory equipped with advanced equipment, which capacity is 4000-7000 tons of powdered milk per year to supply to the domestic market, was put into operation in 2014. Exports have done to the world’s largest developed countries, such as China, Kazakhstan and Japan. Milko LLC has successfully operated with over 250 qualified professionals with “Milko Milk and Beverage Factory”, “Powdered Milk Factory” and “King-snake factory”. In 2015, Milko LLC introduced EcoLiner packaging technology of Sweden. We are aiming to introduce ISO-22000 HACCP international standard in 2018.

We use fully equipped, automate TBA-8 “Slim Line” of Tetra Pack factory of Sweden, which is capable of packing up to 6,000 products per hour. Zov Aartsnii Undaa /sour milk drink/, “100 sea buckthorn and blueberry juice” and Milko milk with $% cream are packed with tetra pack packages. We also produce and export a variety of products such as “Golden Milk” powdered milk, Khaan chips, 4/1 coffee and teas.


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