Just as a tree requires fertile soil in order to spread its roots, grow strong, and bear fruits, we believe that the growth of our company not only depends on our performance, but on the wellbeing of our surrounding community and its members. Our company exists within a greater community and we firmly believe that by creating and following a great social responsibility policy, we can create a positive feedback loop where both the community and our company continuously positively impact each other. We believe that sustainable development is not only possible but it is necessary and this is an ideal we strive to reflect in our actions every day.

Social responsibility policy of the TESO Corporation

As a national manufacturer, it is a great responsibility for the environment and the next generation to focus on leading others, calling people for the social well-being, and having constant stability in people’s livehoods and psychology. We have understood our responsibility and made a real contribution to the socio-economic growth and development of the country without limiting the scope of social responsibility. We are open to anyone to cooperate for the peace of the country and for the welfare of the people.

In framework of social responsibility, the Teso Corporation works actively and calls others to work. Here is the brief introduction of works done in 2017.

  • Presented wallpapers of about 5 million MNT to “Id Shidiin Oron” project implemented by Lantuun Dokhio NGO and helped to children, who need care and assistance.
  • Supported Mongolian teams and athletes participated in VII International Sport Festival.
  • All employees and administration collected 20 million MNT and donated for campaign against the forest fire in a country. Due to lack of professional workforce and techniques, National Emergency Management Agency asked for the assistance from all business owners and citizens. Green nature is our future. Therefore, we are glad we worked successfully and lead others.
  • Sponsored the special Olympic organized in Austria. We are ready for further assistance to protect disabled citizens and children, improve the legal environment, and resolve the burning issues.
  • We always promote the teams and athletes of Mongolia. We have long-term contracts with “Erchim” football team and “SBL-Khasiin Khulguud” basketball team.
  • Cooperated with Department of Emergency Management of Songino-Khairkhan district to assist with technique, water and food for people working against the fire in Zuunsalaa and Baruunsalaa areas.
  • Teso Corporation started purchasing inhalers required in all family health centers and distributed to all family health centers.

We always be together with our employees, when they are ill or have suffering.

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