TESO Corporation was founded in 2003 with the single idea of building a company “step by step,” our company motto. Our mission is to compete in the world stage in each of the 14 sectors our company is operating in which includes food production, construction, mining, transportation, real estate development, import and export, and foreign relations. Our philosophy of being a socially conscious, people oriented, culturally motivated company that not only grows as a company, but enriches the people who work with us as well as the society around us.

As a beacon of opportunity, determination, and productivity in the capital city of Mongolia, we invite anyone in our journey of growth and prosperity.

Each of our food products are produced from the highest quality ingredients ranging from wild berries from the mountain to fresh milk from Mongolia dairy farms and grains from our countryside pastures.  Our food production facilities were designed to support reliable, consistent, and superb performance of operations.


We strive to make our products and services reflect our core beliefs of valuing our employees, enriching our community, and being excellent to each other.


Create projects that enrich our country and the world.


Step by Step


To put people at the center of our growth in Mongolia and the world.

The heart and soul of our company are our dedicated employees and it is their spirit that moves our company forward. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our employees. We believe that the wellbeing of our team members is directly reflected in the quality of products and services we bring to Mongolia and the world. We strive to always go above and beyond for our customers and partners.

We established 14 subsidiary companies under the TESO corporation brand umbrella unified by the idea of becoming the largest domestic producer of goods and services. We have created 7 successful food companies with brands that have become household names. Our real estate division and construction division have become the standard of premium craftsmanship as displayed by our luxury residential and commercial projects. Our mining and foreign trade and exports divisions

We established 14 subsidiaries under the leadership of the TESO Corporation under a single policy and become a largest domestic producer. Our 7 successful food companies and the construction company that built a residential micro-district “Sodon” for 3.250 families are very successful in the mining, foreign trade and exports. The vast majority of our employees are skilled young people and the company is pushing for new initiatives to support our employees and implement a visionary vision and honor our employees.

It is also a realistic task in fulfilling the role of society in the field of education, culture, sport, social protection and the protection of the environment. We are also committed to the safety, product quality and safety of our customers, and we have successfully introduced our ISO 9001:2008/MNS ISO9001:2010 and ISO 22000 standards in the international quality management system. As of 2015, we exported our branded products to international markets such as China and Kazakhstan. About 1.200 employees are working together to create a Mongolian company to compete in the world.

Head of the Board of Directors of TESO Corporation,


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Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Songino Khairkhan District, khoroo 18